Denver, Colorado – Many times, we have clients who hire us to help them with their marketing who have been using TV campaigns for years, but still fail to grasp the nuances of an effective and efficient media plan. No matter if it is their first time using TV advertising or they have been doing it for years, we have been able to guide them in understanding unique media planning strategies resulting in a more effective TV marketing campaign.

It’s important to note that while TV is generally regarded as the most credible form of advertising available to most businesses, having a diverse array of marketing channels (radio, print, web, etc.) will help potential customers feel more comfortable with your company. More marketing “touchpoints” are always better if your marketing budget allows.

When it comes to TV advertising, there are a few questions every business owner needs to consider. Some of these include:
How do you determine:
• Budget
• Target demographic
• The length of the buy
• Cable vs. broadcast
• Which stations
• Rotators vs. programs
• What is a good price point
• Which programs
• Which day of the week
• The reach of the schedule
• The frequency of the spots
• How often to update the spots

An effective TV buy should answer all of these questions with confidence; however, even highly-experienced media buyers struggle with basic answers to these questions at times. We have found that oftentimes, many decisions are made in marketing that are based on feelings, not facts. Successful media buying uses a solid base of evidence –statistics, studies, research, trend analyses and industry best practices–coupled with effective execution to yield strong results. And with the additional insight of our MatchPoint Analytics, these media decisions will increase efficiency and ultimately response rate. Just like with all marketing, TV requires a strong knowledge of the science (who, what, when, where, why, etc.) and a little bit of art.

When you combine smart media planning with targeted research, you have the beginnings of a successful media buy. But that’s just the media. A good marketing campaign must include a message that is on target as well. Being based here Dallas-Fort Worth, media space can get very expensive in such a large market. It’s paramount you spending your dollars wisely. Our years of experience with helping our clients make effective media buys, including TV and all other forms of advertising. And developing a message that connects with your audience.

If you would like help with your media buy in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin or just about anywhere else on Earth, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help. Happy media planning!