Denver, Colorado – Tradition holds a strong place in any society, but especially in a modern society with a strong social and digital media component.  Emails, text messages, social media chatter have their own forms of etiquette based on age old traditions.  Scholarly articles have found ways to cite online articles and research and are also now solely published online, without giving rise to second guesses as to expertise.  Just as tradition influences the digital world of society and education, it does the same in the world of business.  Advertising, marketing, communications, public relations and branding all benefit from the foundation and function of traditional media.  Below are five reasons why brands need and benefit from traditional media.

Traditional Advertising Is Still Effective.

A strong in house or trusted Advertising agency partner can be a wonderful asset for any company.  However, strong marketing and advertising is made stronger when its work is seen, heard, and consumed by a large audience.  Traditional media provides this audience.  Whether readers of newspapers and magazines, online journals or those consuming entertainment or TV journalism, having such a partnership helps to spread the word efficiently and effectively to all desired segments and targets of the desired audience and consumer base.

It’s not Your Dad’s Traditional Media

Traditional media does not mean working with outlets and partners who are not of the digital and social media world.  Quite the contrary.  It means working with news outlets, entertainment channels, business and research journals and more who have capitalized on the partnership between traditional media outlets and the digital age.  These outlets tend to reach those who are online and not, meaning that a larger audience is capable of being reached.  Working with a trusted agency partner who can align branding with traditional media content can help to realize the power of such outlets.

Maximize Mobility

Along with maximizing the online space, many in the world of traditional media have begun to tap the potential of mobile media and devices as well.  As smart phones and tablets are on the rise in use and popularity, apps specific to these devices allow users to access news, reading material, social media and more, all from the palm of the hand.

Trust Your Media

When it comes to trusting sources of information, most consumers today report trusting traditional sources such as news outlets, journals, newspapers and magazines.  The digital age and its ease of accessing information have created savvy consumers who are quick to spot advertising posed as reporting.  Advertorials, infomercials and the like have a role in the marketplace of branding and PR, but ultimately, consumers trust a traditional media mention more than a piece on a company website.

Mad for Media

There is no denying that the rise of the digital world, social media, and the hardware and software that allows access, has provided nonstop access to media, of any type.  Regardless of the brand’s targeted audience, it is highly likely that most are media consumers.  They may be consuming traditional media on non-traditional devices, but make no doubt; the media consumption is on the rise.  Taking advantage of the power of traditional media in a digital world is most likely a strong branding strategy.

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