Denver, Colorado – Having a beautiful, functional website is one thing, but if you don’t have anyone apart from your family and friends visiting – what good is it really?

The key to online success is getting lots of traffic to your site. But, it is not just any ol’ traffic that you should want visiting your website: you need warm leads (or hit traffic). Hit traffic can be defined as Web traffic that consists of targeted traffic rather than just any traffic.

Thinking of it this way will make sense: if you sell toys online, you would rather have 100 visits from the parents of young children than 200 visits from people who don’t have kids or grandkids of their own. The first group, while smaller, represents much more qualified traffic opportunities.

If you are looking for more visitors traffic to your website, you can get hit traffic guaranteed for your website in 5 easy steps:

1. Learn this simple rule, “Traffic symbolizes unfulfilled needs”:
Understand that nobody searches the Internet randomly. They do it because they have a need: a need to be entertained, a need to solve a problem, a need to increase their pleasure or decrease their pain. Understand that every Web search is – in that sense – a call for a need to be fulfilled. You need your site, as well as all of your Internet marketing efforts, to answer that call.

2. Determine whether there is a hungry audience for what you offer on your site:
Use a good keyword research tool to find out just how many searches are being made daily for the particular item(s) that you offer on your website. The more people looking for what it is you offer, the better your chances of having a demand for what you sell.

3. Align your site’s text and meta tags with the keyword search terms your hungry audience uses:
Next, make sure your website is well-optimized for the very search terms that people are using to look for what you offer. Be sure to not limit yourself to just to the simple search terms themselves, but also the long-tail keyword search terms (longer terms with multiple words).

4. Build additional content that is back-linked to your site:
Now, in addition to the actual content on your site, you need to build additional content like blogs and articles and post them “out there” on the Internet cloud. These pieces of content should be optimized for those same search terms.

5. Distribute your content to tons of sites at once:
Finally, you need to promote your content like crazy. Do not just post it to a single site: you need to promote it to multiple sites. If possible, uses available tools and techniques to distribute the same original content to hundreds of places on the Internet at once. More places posted means more distribution of your content and more backlinks to your site.

Consider these 5 easy steps for getting more hit traffic guaranteed to visit your site each day.