Denver, Colorado – A corporate brand is more than just a company’s persona or perceived personality.  It is often greater than the sum of the parts of public perception, emotional or mental response to the company, the values and mission of the organization, and the logo, tagline, or jingle associated with the company.  Corporate branding often leads the way for communications, marketing, advertising, public relations and more.  With this breadth of definition and important aspects, it is not surprising that many companies fall prey to common mistakes when it comes to branding.  Below are some common mistakes and suggestions on how to avoid them.

Too Much Buzz

When it comes to jargon, less is more.  Especially when communicating with the public.  Chances are, few outside the given company’s industry know or speak the industry specific language.  For those who do, hearing the buzz may be perceived negatively, such as annoying or as trying to hard.  When crafting communications, whether online media interactions or print ads, think like the customer and don’t overdo the lingo.  Communicating from the personality and values of the company often ensure corporate branding guides the efforts.

Know Your Audience

When it comes to branding initiatives, without knowing the intended audience, their values, the reason why they are a targeted group, and what they want from the company, most efforts may not come to fruition, let alone achieve branding recognition.  Speak to the audience in ways that show you are company who understands and cares, regardless of the function of the entity.  Knowing what drives a customer to buy, to give good word of mouth referrals, and to interact on social media with the company.  Hearing the key words and knowing the company is truly invested in its customers will often provide a client for life.


Today’s world is mobile.  Smart phones.  Tablets.  Mini-laptops.  Even interactive GPS systems and innovations in the cars we drive.  Making sure that corporate branding initiatives are easily accessed and interacted with in a mobile setting is key.  Rarely are individuals sitting in front of a computer.  More often they are walking and typing, or at a coffee shop or other local spot, which makes the need for a mobile branding campaign an ever growing important task on most corporate to do lists.

Going Solo

Too often, mistakes and inconsistencies within the brand and its message, happen.  Even with internal checks and balances, it can be common or easy to overlook or simply not see inconsistencies with branding in various corporate communication efforts.  Working with a trusted full service agency can help to prevent such occurrences.

They may be stopped in a discussion session or before going to press thanks to an eagle eye for editing and thorough review.  At the same time, such a partner may also bring new and savvy ideas to the table.  Working with a trusted agency partner is not only a best practice, but also a smart choice to avoid future glitches.  If you would like to work with a trusted agency, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to visit with you.