Denver, Colorado – Any web development company worth their salt can tell you that in this day and age, a website has to work hard. It has to showcase your company’s brand, products or services, experience, and customer service chops. It also must look great and be easy to use on a variety of devices, from traditional desktop computers, to mobile phones. With so many people turning to websites, sometimes even before they try a brick and mortar store, your site better be your best foot forward. To help you learn if you need help, there are a few signs that your website might not be at its fullest potential.

1. Hard to use on mobile devices

If your site wasn’t created with mobile devices in mind, you are likely losing a lot of customers. A major design feature that a web development company can help with is designing a site that works well on all mobile devices. More and more people are using their mobile phones or tablets to perform online searches. The smaller screens mean that features that were just fine on your site no longer work. Buttons might be too close together, large graphics might not load, and a poor layout might make a user have to dig too far to find what they need. Frustrated viewers do not become customers.

2. Not easily edited

Your website can be one of the most effective tools you have, if you can maintain the content easily. If your content has to stay static and can’t be updated with current information and products, then it is no better than an outdated flier. No one is impressed if last year’s sale information is still on the front page, or if the new product they saw somewhere still isn’t posted for viewing. If you can’t update the content yourself, or if your web development company isn’t responsive in making necessary changes, then it is time for a website reboot.

3. Inadequate call to action

If a person has taken the time to look for your products or services and has landed on your site, chances are they are ready to ask questions and do business. The problem is when a site doesn’t give them a strong enough call to action, so they know how to take the next step. Tacky flashing neon-colored words are usually best left in the past. However, a tasteful and well-placed text box, button, or link instructing the reader to click for more information or to contact a staff member will do the trick every time.

4. Not easy to navigate

A website is a tool. A good web development company knows how to make that tool work to its fullest potential. They can create a site that is streamlined, but robust. It should have all of the content a viewer needs, but with a clean layout. The information any potential customer is looking for should be easy to find. If it isn’t, they are likely to get bored with searching and simply go to a better-designed site. Just like you wouldn’t consider arranging your store with products simply jammed onto shelves, willy-nilly, you don’t want a cluttered or clumsy site layout.

5. Poor sales

No action in business is worth the expense without a good return on the investment. A website should be a great source of sales and/or leads. If it isn’t, something is wrong. A web development company can perform an audit on a current site, do the research on customer habits, and design a site that not only attracts the ideal customer, but helps bring them in for business.

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