Denver, Colorado – The “if you build it, they will come” ideology may work for well for you if you are an Iowa farmer with an empty cornfield, but when it comes to your ecommerce website, you need a better plan in your back pocket. Just because you have built a site, does not mean that it has what it takes to make your business flourish. It is worth your time to scrutinize and evaluate the platform you’re currently using to see if it is fully working to your advantage, costing you valuable sales, time or even negatively impacting your bottom line. There are several things to consider when you need to build an ecommerce website that will generate consistent online traffic, a loyal customer base, high volume sales and increased revenue.

Increased business growth

Changes are not necessarily made because something has gone wrong. Something as positive as seeing increased business growth may signal the need to revamp your e-commerce platform. You want to be certain the growing needs of your business can be accommodated through our website.

Innovative, tech savvy functionality

When it comes to technology, you do not want to just be in the game, you want to be ahead of the game. This requires you to be on top of things like navigation, URL syntax, search functionality, etc. to ensure your customers have the best possible experience when visiting your e-commerce site. Successfully employing innovation and know-how in the area of technology ensures your goals can be fully achieved.

Increased back office integration

The ability to combine different applications to make your ecommerce experience more resourceful will definitely pay off. For example, being able to have inventory adjusted automatically as orders are filled increases overall efficiency, and allows you to stay on top of inventory volume. Integration to keep you are aware of this kind of information enables you to be proactive in meeting customer demands.

Flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs

Can your website handle large customer volume without crashing? Do pages load quickly and effortlessly? It is imperative that you build an ecommerce website to meet ever-changing needs in a rapidly evolving market.

Ensure ecommerce security

Security debacles are not good for your customers or your business. It is imperative that your ecommerce website is as secure as possible. It is important to not only meet, but also exceed ecommerce regulations.

Mobile and tablet accessibility

Today’s tech savvy customer wants to be able to access your website from any of their internet-enabled devices, be it their smartphone or tablet. Therefore, your e-commerce site must be able to handle these demands.

Data-driven marketing strategy

Knowing information like what key words drive customers to your site, where your customers are located, what pages customers visit and how long they remain active on a page before dropping off is key to developing your marketing strategy. The ability to attract and maintain a devoted customer base is enhanced by taking an aggressive stance with targeted strategies to gather useful customer data.

Even after deciding you need to make changes to your ecommerce site, it can be a daunting endeavor. You will need an integration partner with experience in services like shifting platforms and content, developing databases, converting data, integrating new platforms with backend systems, and multi-channel sales. The right partner can make it all come together so seamlessly that your business in not adversely affected in the process.If you would like to learn more about how to successfully build an e-commerce website, contact Creative Options can assist you.