Denver, Colorado – Each day, more and more users are finding, researching, and purchasing products and services online or through a mobile device. With this trend comes a shift from a business focus on cost efficiency and economies of scale, to a maximum value added customer experience. Not having a strong presence in online and mobile arenas can be a true liability. If you are looking to build ecommerce website platforms for your business, here are five secrets to help.

1. Use High Quality Photos and Videos

According to recent surveys, online customers who are searching for products are far more likely to bounce off of your website without high quality photos that show the features and benefits of the products you sell. You do not necessarily need a professional photographer, however you do need to invest in high definition images that show your product from several angles, including close up shots showing important details. Try to keep the look and feel of your photos consistent or complementary across your site.

2. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

The structure of your site should be organized in order to make it easy for visitors to browse and find what they need quickly and easily, as well as compatible with search engine algorithms. Many businesses are currently using web design to direct their visitors eyes down the page so that they can quickly find what they are looking for, and to see what product options are available to them.

3. Deliver Unique Value

Perform a strengths-weakness analysis of your company and your three or four biggest competitors. Find your one unique strength, the one thing that you can provide that none of your competitors can, and capitalize on it in your branding and in the design and content of your website. Whether you offer the best customer service, the highest quality and longest lasting products, or offer the best deal on the market, consistently providing your customers with value is a surefire path to success.

4. Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Enhancing your search engine optimization processes are a huge boon to increasing your visibility and getting your site noticed by more prospects. Search engines use a complicated algorithm to help people find the best and most accurate information possible. To optimize for search engines, make sure your site is usable to visitors, that you regularly and consistently post new content, and that you include competitive keywords in titles and text content.

5. Use Paid Ads to Boost Traffic

Paid ads, either on search engines or on website content, is a great way to complement and augment the organic traffic you are able to generate through your content and SEO practices. SEO typically has a 6-9 month lag in terms of traffic results. Using paid ads is an excellent way to generate traffic initially until your organic traffic experiences a boost.

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