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5 Proven Steps That Lead to More Website Traffic and Sales

Steps that lead to more website traffic.... Read More

Get High Search Engine Ranking Using Long Tail Keywords!

Denver, Colorado – Just when you think you know something about search engine optimization, consumers change their search patterns. More and more, people are using search terms of 3 words or more, known as “long tail” keywords, to find what... Read More

8 Important Facts You Should Know About for Effective SEO Campaign

You may know that if you want your website to come up on the first page of a Google search, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But knowing how to make that happen is another matter altogether. Here are the... Read More

Common Online Marketing Definitions

One of the great things about being an owner of a Dallas-Fort Worth advertising agency is we get to meet with all type of business owners and marketing directors from all different kinds of business categories and who come from... Read More

Best Practices for Inbound Marketing

Denver & Austin, Texas – As a web development company in Denver we understand the importance of quality leads. Want to attract the attention of potential customers and get them to visit your website? Here are ten “best practices” tips... Read More

Frequently Asked SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Questions

Denver, Colorado & Austin, Texas – As an advertising agency, one of our main responsibilities is to act as a marketing partner and consultant. We get asked questions about all things marketing, but the most frequent questions are about Search... Read More

Most Common Pay Per Click Mistakes (Avoid These and Watch Your Conversion Rate Go Up)

Denver, Colorado & Austin, Texas – Here at Creative Options, we’ve become specialist in Pay Per Click marketing (Google Adwords). We’ve had great success for our clients. But it wasn’t an overnight process. It takes time to understand the ins... Read More

7 Best Practices for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Denver, Colorado – Achieving high search engine rankings for our clients is tough, especially in Dallas/Fort Worth. There’s lots of competition for what seems to be little space. But we’re able to get our clients high rankings in Google, Bing... Read More

Ideas for Your Website That Can Help Increase Your Sales Revenue

Websites are necessary for each and every business, regardless of size. I’m amazed by the companies I meet here in Dallas and Austin, Texas that don’t put emphasis on websites and online marketing. If your website and design was built... Read More

Using Google Adwords for Search Engine Marketing Just Seems to Click

As a business owner or Marketing Director, you’re always wanting to click with new customers in the most cost effective way possible. One method is using Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). PPC sometimes called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is often... Read More