One of the great things about being an owner of a Dallas-Fort Worth advertising agency is we get to meet with all type of business owners and marketing directors from all different kinds of business categories and who come from all walks of life. Each one of these folks has a unique, interesting life and much can be learned from each of our visits with them.

Here are some common online marketing campaigns terms you can use:

Banner and display ads: An advertisement appearing on a website in visual form.

SEO: Search engine optimization is how you increase the likelihood of ranking high in the search engine results. The higher the ranking, the better chances of getting visitors to your website. Ideally, you want to be ranked in the top 10.

Blogging: A must in today’s online marketing. Blogging is great way to build your brand, establish thought leadership, and engage prospects over time by getting them to subscribe to your posts and by directing them to content they have an interest in.

Social media: It’s all the rage. The main social media sites today are networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. There are few other niche-oriented venues, but these are excellent marketing vehicles to prospective buyers, and places you can make them aware of your business.

Video Marketing: Impactful and a must in today’s online marketing. Vidoes are content in a visual format helps you engage potential prospects that may not have time to read your white paper or eBook. Videos are typical short, only a couple of minutes long.

Virtual events: A tradeshow, conference, or meeting online. These can include video, presentations or just voice.

Online Webinars: A presentation delivered over the web to educate prospective buyers.

Forums and online communities: Participating in online discussions is a way to find out what important issues are on the mind of your prospects, while also positioning you as a valuable resource of information.

White papers and eBooks: White papers are typically 4-8 pages in length, and explore a business issue, helping readers understand best practices and options. While typically longer than white papers, eBooks also explore business issues but often in a more conversational and visually appealing manner. These take time and effort to produce, but are an excellent marketing tool, especially for those who are in business-to-business selling.

These are just some of the basic or common online marketing definitions you should learn if you want to “talk the talk” with marketing professionals. These are online marketing definitions we use on a daily basis, so if you would like to talk with us, we’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us today and let’s talk online marketing!