You may know that if you want your website to come up on the first page of a Google search, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But knowing how to make that happen is another matter altogether. Here are the top 8 things you should know to make your SEO effective:

What Search Engines Are Looking For

Search Engines find your website by recognizing the words typed into their search fields. To be sure the engines can find you, you need to know what words people most often use to look for sites like yours and use those words in describing your products or services. The engines also look at things like how many links and references to your site, products or services there are on other sites to determine the popularity and thus the page position of your site.

High Search Engine Rankings Take Time

Getting SEO results takes time. First, there are multiple time-consuming tasks that must be completed and implemented. Then it takes time for search engines to recognize what you’ve done. Depending on the competitiveness of your keywords, how crowded your field of endeavor is and the direction of search trends in general, it may take several months to gain the benefits of all your hard work and patience.

There Are No Guarantees

Effective keywords are critical to your internet success but may competing sites will be using the same words. Concise copy composition and placement are of critical importance. The activity of your competition can affect how search engines operate. There are just too many dynamic factors at work for any reputable company to guarantee a first page ranking. Beware of those who do.

Keyword Analysis is Essential

Knowing which keywords will be the most effective for your site take research. There are websites through which you can learn which words are most often used to search for products and services like yours. Since search terms change with the culture and industry you’re in, keywords must be researched and modified on a regular basis to remain effective.

Content is Important

In addition to titles, html and URL names, search engines heavily weigh the text of your webpage in determining your page ranking. Content of every page should be relevant, original and keyword rich. Search engines also like copy that is both useful and user-friendly. The more authoritative your copy is, the higher you will be ranked.

Get the Word Out

The more sites there are that link to your site, the more highly search engines will rank your site. Links build SEO credibility, especially when your site is linked with other highly rated sites. With multiple links in the right locations, your site will receive more attention from the search engines. Linking with other sites should be an on-going process.

Be Flexible

How search engines work is a dynamic and evolving process. They use complicated algorithms and hundreds of criteria to determine site rankings – and those algorithms and criteria are subject to change. To maintain the effectiveness of your SEO, you must keep abreast of SEO best practices as they evolve.

Everything Counts

Every page of your website counts in determining your search engine page ranking. The main focus is on your home page but the search engine can rank each page of your site individually and every page with a domain can be optimized. Attention to detail pays off.

These are some of the basic tenements of a solid foundation for an effective SEO Campaign. SEO can get much more complex and can often times need expertise or outside help. If you would like to know if your website is optimized for sales, check out our free website evaluation. Or contact us today to ask us some questions about your online marketing.