Denver – Austin, Texas – When it comes to branding, the concept may easily be summed up by the quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Although Aristotle wasn’t thinking about branding when uttered these words, they do help explain branding and its importance to a company’s identity and message.  A brand may consist of a logo, trademark, catchphrase, tag line, jingle, color palette or packaging design.  A brand is more than the sum of these parts. It is based upon the consumers’ perception, reaction, and beliefs about the company, product or service.  Finding the right branding agency may help a company to craft a relevant and well received brand.

Before choosing an agency, it is important for the company to review its current messaging and brand to see what changes, if any need to be made.  Sometimes the company needs to narrow the focus of its messaging to increase impact and effectiveness.  Other times, the company may need to tweak the messaging in order to reflect growth, change and where the company is heading.   Although the brand is in the eye of the beholder, the company does control the messaging, as the brand should be a personal and true reflection of its identity, values and mission.  By owning it from the inside, the company is a strong place for the rest of the process.

Once the organization has realized where it is in the branding life cycle, it is then important to understand the targeted and desired consumer demographic.  Knowing the demographic helps to know the best delivery channels for the brand messaging.  As the research is done, it is also important to have a budget in mind and to start researching potential brand agency partners.  Some companies go to an agency’s website.  Others look at other company websites and choose potential agencies based on work they like.  Either way works and word of mouth referrals may be a strong starting place as well.

With the essential research and legwork complete, creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) and sending it to potential agency partners is when the fun begins.  A strong RFP will include most of the key information gleaned from the research process, an approximate budget and not blanketed across agencies, but sent to those who are truly in the game. By only interviewing agencies of interest, time for both parties involved is saved.

Once meeting with potential agencies an ideal process is one that is a true get to know each other endeavor.  Ensuring a strong culture fit is important, just as finding the partner with the right brand vision.  This is a good time to make sure the pitch team will be the creative team, to visit the agency if possible and to get a better insight into budget and timeline.

For most companies, their brand is an asset.  Partnering with a branding agency is one way to invest in this asset, either as the business is emerging, or when it is at a crucial growth point.  At nearly any point in the brand life cycle, a trusted agency partner may help this valuable asset grow.To begin the process of finding the right branding agency contact us today, and we’ll help you through it.