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How Long Since You’ve Give Your Website an Audit?

Denver, Colorado – It takes a ton of work to build a website that is successful. Part of that work extends years after the site initially goes live. Periodic audits are needed to make sure that everything is working properly... Read More

Build a Brand Experience for Your Business to Business Customers

Denver, Colorado – Your corporate branding is about your company, but the cumulative experience of your marketing efforts is for your customer. If your brand and how you promote it aren’t well planned, your message could fall flat and you... Read More

Do Nonprofits Need Corporate Branding

Denver, Colorado – The concept of branding originated in the American cattle boom of American history.  The term refers to the marking of cattle to delineate on herd from another.  In today’s lexicon, branding refers to the name, term, symbol... Read More

5 Strategies for Creative Campaigns

Denver, Colorado – In life, there are certain pairings that make sense, two things that just go together, the perfect combination.  Chocolate and milk.  Argyle patterns and sweaters.  Marketing and advertising.  Digital media and traditional media.  In a world that... Read More

Integrating Your Traditional Media Plan with Your Brands Other Platforms

Denver, Colorado – So often advertisers think of their campaigns and media plans in a bubble – operating with tunnel vision and making one platform the end-all, be-all when, in actuality, an integrated media plan approach actually garners the best... Read More

Should You Hire a Branding Agency?

Denver, Colorado – Working with partners and even outsourcing tasks and projects is a common phenomenon in the modern age.  People hire cleaning and lawn crews, database administrators, personal shoppers and assistants, even virtual CEOs.  With this in mind, hiring... Read More

How to Find the Right Branding Agency

Denver – Austin, Texas – When it comes to branding, the concept may easily be summed up by the quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Although Aristotle wasn’t thinking about branding when uttered these words,... Read More

Branding for Beginners

(Denver & Austin, Texas)  –  Becoming a branding expert doesn’t happen overnight – there’s a method that one has to follow in order to transform a company from a regular business to one that is valued in the consumer marketplace... Read More

The Five Best Social Media Tips & Rules to Follow

Denver, CO & Austin, TX – Social media has changed the way people interact with one another. However, I’ve began to notice there’s a big problem that I’d like to address. Many businesses employ social media marketing platforms forgot that... Read More

Welcome to 2012: A Guide to Basic Marketing Definition and Terms from the Heart of Texas

The town of Fredericksburg, Texas is the heart of the beautiful Hill Country – about 80 miles west of Austin and 70 miles northwest of San Antonio. We’re very lucky to have an office in such a wonderful small town... Read More