Denver, Colorado – In life, there are certain pairings that make sense, two things that just go together, the perfect combination.  Chocolate and milk.  Argyle patterns and sweaters.  Marketing and advertising.  Digital media and traditional media.  In a world that seems to be going digital and online at rapid speed, it can be easy to forget the power and need for print. Even more powerful is the combination of print and digital media.  Below are five strategies worth considering for creative campaigns ranging from advertising to communications to marketing, and anything in between.

Powerful Punch

Research, experience, and return on investment tend to tell the same story when it comes to print meets digital media, it is a successful powerhouse.  Traditional print ads help to create and emotional bond between consumer or potential customer and the brand.  When a high quality and well-crafted print campaign is paired with a digital campaign, it is as if instant follow up is created.  Many digital media campaigns are at their most nimble when going viral online or via social media.  Print ads that reference these campaigns only bolster their relevance and presence.

Analyze It

When traditional media and digital come together in a creative strategy or campaign, analytics are not far behind.  By tying digital engagement to a print campaign via QR codes, tags, keywords, hyperlinks and social media calls to action, marketers are able to see what print ads are getting online response.  This makes tracking the success and opportunity within or from a campaign faster and easier than in previous years.

Going Viral

By taking traditional print, and ensuring it is mobile friendly, great visuals and content can quickly and easily be shared via email, text, and social media.  Placing links within the ad to lead the consumer into the digital media space, such as company website or social media sites, continues the interaction and conversation. These strategic placements encourage multiple visits, sharing and high profile natures of the ad, communication piece or brand.

Double Trouble

One important factor to remember when creating an integrated print and digital media campaign is that the two media should compliment each other, not simply copy each other. Campaigns that are the same ad whether in traditional media or digital are not maximizing the opportunity and special characteristics of each medium.  By creating a holistic campaign that plays the two mediums and their ability to showcase the content and message, the consumer is more likely to remember and engage with the message, product, and company.

Partner Up

Just like traditional media and digital media go together, so do campaigns and creative agency partners.  Today’s world of creative is truly a new playing field.  The combining of old and new creates a sum that is more than the parts.  Companies embarking on creative campaigns are more and more likely to work with an agency to help manage the various and ever changing parts of such an endeavor.  The rules of media are changing as technology changes.  Leave this to an expert and focus on what the company and team do best, create great products, services and make clients come back for more, like chocolate and peanut butter.

If you have any more questions about integrating print and digital media, please contact us today, we’d love to talk with you.