Denver, Colorado – A logo does not make a brand. A brand does not merely consist of a logo. So, what’s the difference? And why does a company need to create a brand? Let’s take a look.

A Familiar Signpost – You’re driving down a lonely road late at night and you need gas. Up ahead you see two lighted signs; one shows a graphic gasoline pump-handle inside a circle and the other is shaped like a red-and-yellow scallop. Even though one clearly indicates gasoline and the other seems to indicate seafood, where do you stop? Do you stop at the logo you know or the logo you don’t know?

The Meaning Behind the Symbol – All too often, companies put a lot of thought into developing an eye-catching logo and then check “Branding” off their to-do list. But developing an effective logo is only the beginning of developing a brand strong enough to pull people in off a dark road. It’s in your tag line, your advertising slogan, your website and your marketing materials; your facilities, your products, your services and your signage. It’s in your mission, your image, your value proposition and every customer interaction you’ve ever had. All that and more goes into building your reputation – and your reputation is, in effect, your brand. So, in a sense, everything you ever do is branding. It all goes into creating that overall impression that determines where your customers pull over.

A Consistent Message – Conventional marketing wisdom says that you must make seven impressions on a potential buyer before they remember one. So you need to consistent in the impressions you make. Your Twitter and Facebook messages need to be consistent with your advertising message; the tone of your brochure needs to be consistent with the tone of your website video; your logo needs to look the same on your letterhead as it does on a computer screen. A strong brand does not develop haphazardly. It takes the skillful and consistent application of a consistent message, of which your logo is only a part, over the life of your business.

Your company needs to develop a strong build to thrive in business. If you need help building a strong brand that will yield long-term results, contact us today, and we be happy to help.