Websites are necessary for each and every business, regardless of size. I’m amazed by the companies I meet here in Dallas and Austin, Texas that don’t put emphasis on websites and online marketing. If your website and design was built a couple years ago, chances are it’s missing out on the advantages of the latest behavioral research on how people view websites as well as today’s latest web technology. And more importantly missing out being found by potential customers. Here are some thoughts on what you can add to a new website.

Search Engine Marketing & Keyword Research – There are many new methods since your website was created. We could send you a keyword list showing the amount of traffic for each keyword phrase. You can review the list crossing out ones that don’t fit your business. Then we would update your site to reflect these words generating more traffic for you. The next month, inbound links could be the focus. Each month adding another SEM activity, constantly building traffic – more business for you!

Video – Internet Video – A Q&A interview format with the expert, similar to a talk show. We can sit down with you, a simple flip phone with some good lighting and produce a couple short 3 minute pieces that can be posted on your website. These are also great to post to and generate some web visitors for your site. Just having video on your website makes you 53x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search results, according to Forrester Research (2010).

CMS – Content Management System – would allow you and your staff to easily make changes to the website. The style and the structure of the website remain constant allowing you to add and edit content using a tool bar similar to a Word document. A customizable CMS such as WordPress is easy for you to use or Joomla is very popular and has many customizable templates.

Design Refresh – Tired of looking at the same design for years? Freshen up the design with new colors and animations or video while maintaining the content. Now, I’m a little biased, but looks great in its fresh colors and impactful photos. Recent research indicates now more than ever, information, visuals and a strong call-to-action that is ABOVE the fold is vastly important. Not sure what above the fold means? Contact me to discuss.

Blog – Added to your website allows you to add content on a regular basis. Did you just have an interesting question from a customer? You can share the Q&A on your blog. Blogs give website visitors the opportunity to engage your business with thoughtful comments, while allowing you to not approve inappropriate spam. Search engines love the fresh content in blogs, helping you get higher results for your target keywords. Need a writer that is not only entertaining but helpful with SEO, we can help!

A new website using the latest technology and latest information on how people view and navigate a website is an important step to increasing your sales and ultimately, your revenue. Please contact us to discuss the best fit for your website and budget.