Denver, Colorado & Austin, Texas – Direct response and branding are two very different marketing strategies. Both are viable strategies depending on your business and marketing goals. But should they really be independent of each other? Before we answer that, let’s go over some basic definitions:


Branding typically involves long-term and ongoing communication of brand benefits. This usually takes years, if not decades. Branding includes a steady, repetitive message of a company’s name, logo, unique selling proposition or any other feature that identifies one company’s good or service as distinct from those of a competing company. This is often called delayed response advertising or brand management.

Direct Response Marketing
Direct Response (DR) Marketing is designed to generate immediate sales or to increase website traffic and sales in a short time frame. Companies commonly use Direct Response Marketing to build a customer base, to promote a new product or service line, to generate revenue quickly and cash flow, or sometimes to clear out excess inventory. Direct response advertising typically includes a very clear and concise call to action that asks customers to take immediate action. You’ll often see or hear things like “for a limited time only” or “call now before it’s too late”

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Which Is Better For Me, Direct Response or Branding?

If you’re trying to generate immediate sales, Direct Response is the better choice. If you’re trying to build a business that will thrive for years and decades, branding is the better way to go.

But are these mutual exclusive? The short answer is no. You need to do both. There will always be some cross over between these goals, i.e. a direct response campaign will generate some branding lift and vice versa. Isn’t the goal of all marketing and advertising to elicit a response? We should all want to ultimately sell a product or service or elicit donations, etc. And most business owners want to own and run a company for years and pass on to family members or sell for a profit.

Interweaving direct response into your branding campaign can be a little complex at times, that’s why we welcome to sit down with you and visit how we can put branding and direct response to work for your company. Contact us today.