As a business owner or Marketing Director, you’re always wanting to click with new customers in the most cost effective way possible. One method is using Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). PPC sometimes called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is often a good approach for both short-term and long-term approaches to getting visitors to your website. (It’s also a great companion to your Search Engine Marketing.) But I wanted to share with you some additional ideas for succeeding in your PPC campaign.

Generating an optimized keyword list is an essential step in succeeding in Pay-per-Click advertising.

But how do you know which keywords to use? Obvious keywords for your category might not actually be the best keywords. So, researching the best keywords is vital. And keyword search tools is a great place to start. We use a tried and true methodology in selecting keywords, but simple methods work too. Wordtracker is a very worthy tool to use. But there is a membership fee.

However, here are a couple of free tools to get your feet wet in building winning keyword lists:

Overture Search Tool: This is a completely free tool that you can access anytime to build a keyword list, and like Wordtracker it will tell you how often each keyword is being searched daily. It lacks most of the Wordtracker features and the search time is considerably slower than Wordtracker:

Free Wordtracker Tool: Wordtracker, too, offers a free keyword tool. This is not nearly as feature-rich as the full membership version, but it will definitely give you some great (if partial) exposure to an excellent keyword tool. You can get a free trial of Wordtracker by visiting this site:

Use Google Adwords for Your Search Engine Marketing

In my opinion, Google Adwords is the best, easiest-to-use PPC provider available today. And, with Google holding a large portion of the Internet search market, your ad is sure to be plastered all over the Internet. The catch is, like with anything else worth doing, you need to invest in order to really make it worth your while.

I suggest getting a guide to help you along. Leveraging a guide written by someone else means saving you hundreds of wasted hours and wasted dollars spent on trial-and-error while finding
out what works and what does not. Or you can contact us to further to discuss.

There are many guides to choose from. The “For Dummies” series has a great book on Search Engine Marketing that I recommend. For those who want insider secrets, I suggest an
eBook, such as: Google 123 and Beating Adwords

The one that in my opinion stands head-and-shoulders above the others is Beating Adwords:

Getting your hands on this guide does require an investment, but learning just one or two tricks here can make the guide pay for itself in less than a week. Investing in a time-tested guide full of
expert advice will keep you ahead of the curve when competing against thousands of others vying for the same clicks.

I hope you do yourself a favor and really give PPC a try. It works, it can be affordable and most importantly, it can be an effective marketing tool. I’d welcome to hear your feedback on your experience. Or if you’d like some free tips, contact us today and I’ll be happy to give you some free tips not discussed here.