Denver, Colorado & Austin, Texas – Here at Creative Options, we’ve become specialist in Pay Per Click marketing (Google Adwords). We’ve had great success for our clients. But it wasn’t an overnight process. It takes time to understand the ins and outs of PPC advertising. There are many elements involved in creating a successful PPC campaign whether you are using Google, Facebook, or some other platform. Whether you are an inexperienced marketer or are well-versed in the field, the following four PPC mistakes are worth noting and avoiding. If you avoid these, your PPC conversion rate is sure to skyrocket.

  1. Weak writing – Weak copywriting is one of the biggest PPC offenses committed by inexperienced marketers. No, you do not need to have a degree in creative writing to craft an engaging, convincing call to action that holds people’s attention. Not sure what to say? Try various ads and test to see which is getting the best response.
  2. Under-budgeting – Paying per day can get expensive if your copywriting is strong enough to encourage people to click on your ad. In order to achieve high conversion figures there must be enough money in your account. Whether you are using Google Adwords Express or Facebook ads, this fact remains the same. Move your budget to the recommended price and you will see an increase in your click rates.
  3. Linking to your homepage – Great copywriting and the right budget is not the only thing that ensures conversions. After you have drawn them in with your great PPC ad and have a big enough budget set, customers click on your ad. Where does it take them? If you are sending customers to your homepage, you are probably seeing a huge drop off in your analytics. Homepages are overwhelming and are a poor choice to link to from PPC ads. Create an optimized landing page specific to each PPC ad that continues the story started in the ad copy. Strategic call to actions will properly lead customers directly to the desired action.
  4. Not pausing wasteful keywords – Typically ppc campaigns are wasteful in the beginning, but if you are tracking conversions and optimizing campaigns regularly you should be able to pinpoint keywords that convert at a low enough price to give you a good return on your ad spend.  One big mistake we see that will absolutely kill your profit is not pausing keywords that don’t convert and therefore are wasting money.  Pause those suckers and ramp up the money to the ones that convert and you will see a big difference in the way your campaign performs.

One last note: It takes a while to learn the tricks of the PPC trade. This blog identifies the top four PPC mistakes, but it is not by any means a lesson in PPC ad management. It takes time, research, and trial and error to learn how to properly manage a PPC ad campaign. If you’ve tried a few different PPC ad campaigns on different platforms and you still are not seeing the conversion rates or click-throughs you want, it is time to hire a professional. Yes, there is a cost associated with hiring a management service, but those costs will be paid for when your business increases in revenue. Accept your limitations before you have successfully turned your customers off from clicking on your ads altogether. We’re happy to help. Visit our about our online marketing services page to learn more. Or feel free to contact me directly at

Happy converting!