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5 Reasons Why Brands Still Need Traditional Media to Increase Sales

Denver, Colorado – Tradition holds a strong place in any society, but especially in a modern society with a strong social and digital media component.  Emails, text messages, social media chatter have their own forms of etiquette based on age... Read More

Kick Start Your Marketing for Better Return on Investment

Denver, Colorado – So you’ve started your business, worked hard to establish a great brand, tried your hand at social media marketing and maybe done a bit of print or radio advertising. And now you feel you’re grown about as... Read More

5 Brand Personality Questions Every Business Should be Able to Answer

Denver, Colorado – Shaping and maintaining a brand is an ongoing process for every business, even if they already have a branding agency on retainer. When it comes to branding, there are almost no wrong answers, as long as they... Read More

Is Your eCommerce Platform Hurting or Helping You?

Denver, Colorado – The “if you build it, they will come” ideology may work for well for you if you are an Iowa farmer with an empty cornfield, but when it comes to your ecommerce website, you need a better... Read More

7 Myths About Branding and Marketing

Denver, Colorado – If you are trying to learn more about branding and marketing, there is a lot of content available, but be aware that some of it is just plain wrong. Armed with the right information, you can create... Read More

How to Find the Right Web Development Company

Denver, Colorado – Need a new website? If you aren’t able to do the job, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Whether you are revamping your entire website, or simply doing some housecleaning and refreshing, finding a good web... Read More

Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Denver, Colorado – A logo does not make a brand. A brand does not merely consist of a logo. So, what’s the difference? And why does a company need to create a brand? Let’s take a look. A Familiar Signpost... Read More

Build a Brand Experience for Your Business to Business Customers

Denver, Colorado – Your corporate branding is about your company, but the cumulative experience of your marketing efforts is for your customer. If your brand and how you promote it aren’t well planned, your message could fall flat and you... Read More

Segmentation and Targeting

Denver, Colorado – In marketing speak, the two related practices of segmentation and targeting go hand-in-hand. Segmentation is the practice of differentiating your prospects before you approach them with marketing outreach in order to separate those most likely to buy... Read More

Do Nonprofits Need Corporate Branding

Denver, Colorado – The concept of branding originated in the American cattle boom of American history.  The term refers to the marking of cattle to delineate on herd from another.  In today’s lexicon, branding refers to the name, term, symbol... Read More